April 5, 2019
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Present a well maintained and neat caravan park

Nothing says WELCOME more than a beautifully presented caravan park. In my many travels, one very quickly can get the sense of a personable and friendly park versus a park that is functional but has zero character. One just needs to look at some of the ‘corporate’ parks or shire parks that provide facilities but lack that personality. Sad really, as often it takes very little to make the difference.

A well presented park has personality, and it demonstrates a park owner that loves their park and wants to ensure guests like it too! It does make a difference.

In Park Talk this week we consider the following….

Present a well maintained and neat caravan park

in the series of  “How can I make my caravan park more successful?"

“You only get one shot to make a first impression!"

So what impression are you making?

Caravan parks are the 'home' away from ‘home’ for many a traveller. As such, they should be presented in such a way that your guest is pleased to be there.  Nothing shows more neglect than weeds in beds, uncut grass, overgrown shrubs and bushes, not to mention unswept slabs and paths.
Beautifully presented gardens, shrubs and flowers beds, with nicely presented site dividers or parking areas at cabins can make all the difference.

Although cabins, facilities and amenities are generally very well maintained and cleaned, caravan sites and some areas around the cabins tend to get the least amount of attention.
This can have a negative impact on the overall look and feel of a caravan park. To ensure your guests stay that extra night or more, the park has to be welcoming. Some simple guidelines to consider and a little bit of effort will make all the difference to your park.

Sites need to be part of the daily cleaning ritual of every caravan park. In most cases it may take just a few minutes but can make the world of difference, and demonstrate an attention to detail welcomed by your guests. I have visited a number of parks where sites are not released without the site being checked. If it’s a grassy spot - watering the patch between guests is a great way to get it tidy. The use of a blower to remove leaves sand etc from the slab is a 2 min job.

Does it really matter to guests though?

In a recent survey we asked more than 1657 of our travellers what criteria they considered MOST important when selecting a caravan park. The presentation of the park was right up there!

Well Maintained Facilities and Park scored the 4th highest in importance.

What does your scorecard look like?

They say, first impressions count. So what's the impression your guests get of your caravan sites and park?

Is the site clean of leaves, branches etc?

  1. Has the grass been mown?
  2. Has the slab been swept?
  3. Is the tap operating properly – no leaks?
  4. Is the sullage drain clean and draining properly?
  5. Is the site clearly numbered?
  6. Is the site demarcated?
  7. Is there any encroaching foliage or tree branches?
  8. Has the powerhead module been cleaned?
  9. Has the sand been raked / leveled
  10. Is the general maintenance up to scratch?
  11. Is the ensuite in good condition?
  12. Are cabin parking bays neat and tidy
  13. How well are the flower beds presented around cabins and in the park generally
  14. Are cabin deckings clean, swept and freshly painted.
  15. Are the chairs and table on cabin deckings free of dust and spider webs

It take s a lot to keep a park well presented, but a commitment to these simples steps can make the world of difference to how your park is perceived by your guest.

I guarantee the more pleasant the experience, the longer the guest will want to stay - and that's good for business!

So how did your park stack up?

Are there areas that may need your attention?
What other areas do you think need to be considered?

What is Park Talk

Park Talk is a blog for all caravan parks that have a passion for their customers and their parks. The focus of these blogs will be on subjects not commonly reviewed in many of the formal publications available within the caravan park industry. Park Talk is about discussing things that can help improve your business performance through improved customer satisfaction and by improving the way you present your park and deliver services to your guests.

Next time: "Keep facilities such as amenities, camp kitchen and laundry very clean." on Park Talk

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Bert van Spronsen, Founder, Managing Director Kui Parks & Fellow Traveller

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