November 12, 2019

Leveraging the opportunities for growth!

"Interesting thought! Is it Wiki PLUS Kui or is it Wiki VERSUS Kui."

Many times in the last few years I have had parks say that they get more people into their parks through Wiki Camps than Kui Parks. Does that mean the one is better than the other? This got me thinking. Are we really comparing Apples with Apples or is this an Apples and Pears thing. Are we missing something by comparing them?

There is a powerful opportunity to leverage both, to drive your business forward. Focussing just on one or the other is not delivering all that the combination could offer! What do I mean by that?


Let’s consider WikiCamps first. WikiCamps is a powerful tool to identify appropriate accomodation for travellers. In fact research Kui Parks has undertaken indicates that more than 72% of travellers use WikiCamps to find accommodation. The key here is a customer is ONLY looking at Wiki when they are in or near a certain area. So reliance on this is driven by local volume of travellers in or near your location.

Customer Needs

So what is it that these potential customers are actually looking for? My guess is their study of other customer reviews, they are trying to identify  whether the park is suitable to stay at. I would suggest that they are trying to get an idea of whether the park is Clean, Friendly, Well presented and Reasonably Priced.  In other words, customers are wanting to be sure they are not making a mistake when they select a location to stop at.

They are looking for what meets their needs. This is a powerful confirmation of what YOU deliver and what Kui stands for! So what they see in your park is exactly why you are part of Kui Parks as well. A perfect match.  So it makes sense that you get customers visiting your park because they believe Wiki tells them what they want to know.

First Date!

But somehow that is where the comparison stops. I suggest we are missing a great opportunity to take this to the next level. Let me use an analogy!

You could compare this to having your first date! I know for many this may seem a long time ago, but that is what this is. A first acquaintance, getting to know you, assessing whether the other person fits with what your personality and approach to life is.  But a first date does not secure a long term relationship. Just as quickly it could all be over. So how do we make sure it becomes more permanent?

In fact I believe caravan parks may be missing something here. If a guest has come in because of what you deliver and we do not try and secure that second date or long term relationship, they are likely to move on and not visit again, or may just look for another place next time. In fact I suggest they may come again next time, and again review their Wiki to see if the park is still meeting their needs.

But if they are happy with what you have delivered, it’s a perfect opportunity to secure a longer term commitment through Kui. We secure their loyalty in this way for longer.

"Wiki brings them in and Kui keeps them in!"

If you could secure every customer who visits you because of WikiCamps to become a loyal member of your park and the Kui Parks network, you would see an even faster growth in your occupancy! You will not only secure that customer for yourselves, but also the whole network of parks.

It takes a change of tack. It may even give you something to talk about. For example: What in Wiki prompted the customer to come to you? Most likely exactly what Kui offers. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce Kui and the network of parks the guest is looking for and to secure their loyalty through membership.

Value Wiki for what it brings you and build your business long term by securing their loyalty through Kui Membership!

I would love to get your thoughts and views on this approach.


Bert van Spronsen, Founder, Managing Director Kui Parks & Fellow Traveller


  • Andrew says:

    My thought are on Using wiki you can see Reviews at a glance were with kui you need to look though many pages a very slow prose .

    • Bert says:

      Yes that’s true. I do believe they serve different purposes, as with Wiki its about selecting a park to stay, when you get to an area. The reviews on the Kui Parks page are there to provide additional support. I guess not all Kui Members will be looking at the Kui site first -although that will be nice. We do have some great news coming where we will get greater benefit from Wiki and other apps re identification. More on that later.

  • Graham & Deb says:

    We find lots of people are booking a trip and finding out information via WikiCamps some weeks in advance. We also get people in the area saying at our place because it read well on WikiCamps. I agree that selling these people a Kui membership will seal the deal for other Kui parks. WikiCamps is by far the best method of people finding us. We don’t have any Kui Parks parks within cooee for us.

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