Leveraging the opportunities for growth!

“Interesting thought! Is it Wiki PLUS Kui or is it Wiki VERSUS Kui.” Many times in the last few years I have had parks say that they get more people into their parks through Wiki Camps than Kui Parks. Does that mean the one is better than the other? This got me thinking. Are we… Read More

Social Media – Can It Help Your Business?

For many caravan & tourist parks, social media is not a subject many want to discuss, considering it a too hard area for marketing your business. However it is important to know that around 70% of travelling nomads are on Facebook and or Instagram. The beauty of Social Media is that it gives you direct… Read More

Ensuring Value for Money!

Is it all about price or value for money of your accommodation?  What do these terms actually mean? For many it’s only price. Maybe it’s the perceived value that the price offers that determines that positive experience enjoyed in a park that is charging a bit more. The Issue of Pricing The issue of pricing… Read More

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